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New Blood and Chrome Trailer Finally Released

After a very long time of whispers and rumors we finally have confirmation that the prequel to the 2004 Sci-Fi series, Battlestar Galactica, is finally happening! Blood and Chrome is said to take place in year ten of the first Cylon war and follows young William Adama on what was then the new Battlestar Galactica. At first when I heard about this series I was a bit skeptical and kept seeing the image of a dead horse being beaten over and over in my head. However, when I finally watched the trailer and heard Atticus Ross’ and Trent Reznor’s version of Immigrant Song  playing I felt like I had been taken to a Geek’s paradise. No joke. Just watch the trailer and find out for yourself. It will possibly blow your mind and give you what I like to call “geek boner” for a solid month.

UPDATE: Unfortunately it seems like every video that was on YouTube is no longer available. Check back later for another update.


Lego Batman 2 Trailer Throws Some Punches

I squeed with delight after watching this trailer to the much anticipated sequel to Lego Batman. While it does include The Man of Steel himself, I’m curious to know if it will include Wonder Woman or any of the other Justice League members as well. If so, I’m pretty certain I can die happy…after I meet Amanda Tapping, of course.

(via The Mary Sue)

New Dark Shadow’s Trailer

Tim Burton is known for doing fairly dark and creepy movies, and within the last several years he has done “remakes” of various films. Dark Shadows, a television series that ran from 1966 to 1977, has not become an exception. Yesterday the official trailer was released and reviews are mixed. However, this writer’s opinion is still on the fence since she’s never seen the original series.

But I’ll let you, the reader, decide for yourself!