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Magnificent Mondays-The Geektastic Wedding Edition

Today we at Doctor Geekly are launching a weekly segment called Magnificent Mondays where we show you various ideas around the ‘net that can make your wedding, birthday, holidays, or any party in general simply Geektastic. Does your little one want a Superman themed party but you don’t want to be generic and just buy what they have at your local part store? We got you covered! Are you planning an all around Geek-themed wedding but don’t know where to start? Again, we have you covered!

We’re like Pinterest, except we don’t bend you over and screw you with our terms of service. Though we do ask that you give credit to the individuals we link to, pretty please. Don’t make me get my nephew out here to say “peas” in his adorable voice. You’ll melt into a pile of cuteness overload goo for certain.

Today’s theme is weddings! And what better way to start it off than by showing off some adorable crafts from Etsy!

Etsy shop owner CreativeButterflyXoX has created these wonderful cake toppers out of peg dolls. There are a wide variety of these cake toppers but this has to be my favorite:

For only $63 plus shipping these adorably cute cake toppers can make your superhero themed wedding complete! (Click the image for more details.)

Want to look all dolled up for your Mister J?¬† Uniquely Yours Bridal has you all set with this Harley Quinn themed garter belt that will make the jokester in your life stop dead in his tracks. And at only $15 it’s a definite steal! (Click the picture for details.)

Need that finishing touch for your favorite dungeon master? Finds To Treasure has these 20 sided die cufflinks for $15 in various colors. (Click picture for details.)

These Star Trek champagne glasses from TheCraftyGeek86 are bound to be a great addition to the awkward Best Man toast. And they’re cheap too! Only $20 for the set.

Are you just looking for ideas to get your noodle going? Here’s a list of some of my favorite sites from when I was planning my own wedding. These sites aren’t necessarily centered around everything Geek but they’re all different and far from traditional.

Poptastic Bride – “Funky wedding ideas for cool couples!”

Offbeat Bride – Alternative ideas¬† to “altar your thinking!”

Geeky Wedding – A Tumblr loaded with great things to catch your fancy.

We look forward to seeing all the great, Geeky weddings in the future! It’s one of the most memorable days of your lives so why not make it fun and offbeat?