Sad News for Sanctuary Fans

SyFy confirmed today that they will not be renewing Sanctuary for a fifth season. This news came after fans waited five months after the season four finale to hear whether or not it was being renewed.

The main reason for the wait was SyFy’s negotiations with Comcast after they bought out NBC. There was no time to assure Sanctuary’s private financiers whether they could pick up the show again or not. Because of this it would be suicide to finance the show without SyFy there to air the series.

But, don’t fret yet loyal fans. Amanda Tapping and Martin Wood did an interview for Gateworld recently and said that they would love to continue the series on as either a miniseries or continue from its roots as a webseries. So, there’s definitely hope!

Keep checking back for updates on the fate of this series. I for one would love to see in continue on the web because it was a fantastic series and doesn’t deserve to be put in the bone yard just yet.


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